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Citizens Advice Scotland Scotland has launched a “Debt Happens” campaign.

The cost of living crisis is having a hugely damaging impact on essential spending for far too many people across North Ayrshire & Arran and there is also a long-term impact of this, too. As more and more people struggle to afford their housing payments, energy bills and in some cases even food they are more and more at risk of being tipped into debt.

Citizens Advice Scotland estimates that around 460,000 people in Scotland expect to go into debt, while 644,000 anticipate an increase in their existing debt due to the cost of living crisis.

It is vital to tackle any potential sense of shame and embarrassment some people may feel about seeking advice. Too many people wait for a trigger point like a final demand for payment before getting advice, whereas if they act sooner they have more options.

Citizens Advice Scotland support is free, confidential, impartial and for everyone, whether they are in work or not.

For more information please visit

Those who are seeking advice can access it in a way that suits them, whether that is self-help through the online advice pages or interactive tools, or specialist services.

CAB advisers get real results for people. Last year 1 in 6 people who sought CAB advice saw some sort of financial gain, the average value of which was over £4,200. That could be absolutely life-changing money for people.

If you are worried about debt, don't delay. Please contact the Citizens Advice Scotland service today.


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