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I secured and led a debate on the UK’s growing cost of living crisis, where I highlighted the urgent need for UK Government intervention to take pressure off household income. Energy, food, fuel and clothing prices are soaring, alongside a predictable and worrying rise in consumer borrowing as many are pushed into unsustainable debt just to pay essential bills.

UK Government decisions have compounded this situation, with the Universal Credit cut – the biggest overnight cut in the history of the welfare state in 70 years – the National Insurance hike and with Brexit creating supply challenges and red tape pushing up prices.

Pensioners have also been hard hit, with the State Pension Triple Lock being scrapped during a cost of living crisis, a particularly bitter blow for those WASPI women who have finally qualified for their state pension.

The UK already suffers from the worst levels of poverty and inequality in Northwest Europe, with one in four children growing up in poverty. Over two-thirds of people currently in poverty are living in a household where at least one adult is in work, highlighting the urgent need for a Real Living Wage linked to the cost of living.

I called for an emergency package of measures to help alleviate this crisis but Tory MPs are too focused on squabbling amongst themselves.

Watch my speech below 👇


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