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An unelected Lord, Robert Douglas-Miller, who owns 4,000 acres of Scottish land, has interfered in Scotland’s democratic process by using the Internal Market Act to block a ban on the sale of glue traps, following the passage of the Wildlife Management and Muirburn (Scotland) Bill by the Scottish Parliament.

UK Minister for Biosecurity, Animal Health and Welfare, Lord Douglas-Miller, wrote to the SNP Government stating their blanket refusal to grant an exemption under the UK Internal Market Act which would allow Scotland to ban the sale of glue traps, as the Wildlife Bill sets out to do.

This comes after repeated use of the Internal Market Act by the Tories to undermine and render ineffective policies of the democratically elected Scottish Parliament.

Glue traps have been described by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals as “one of the cruellest methods of killing animals in existence today.”

Patricia Gibson MP said:

“This is a clumsy overreach by the Tories which lays bare their total disrespect for the will of the Scottish Parliament.

“The Wildlife Management Bill seeks to tackle the abhorrent scourge of wildlife crime in Scotland, and now – after being passed by Holyrood – it is being used by the Tories to undermine the Scottish Parliament once again.

“Glue traps have no place in Scotland, as Holyrood has determined.

“However, Scotland is being ignored and actively undermined; and change is long overdue.

“As long as the SNP is in government, we will always defend our democracy, our values and our voice; and work towards a brighter future for Scotland as an independent nation.”

'Ban on the sale and possession of rodent glue traps'

'Glue traps sales ban: letter to UK government' –



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