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Christian Aid week ends today and earlier this week I met with Christian Aid Chief Executive, Patrick Watt, (pictured below) to discuss the charity's work to raise funds and awareness for crises in vulnerable communities around the world.

The focus of Christian Aid Week 2023 is on supporting families in Malawi, who are paying a harsh price for the global cost of living and climate crises.

The impact of Cyclone Freddy in Malawi has been devastating in the sense that its magnitude has been the worst over the past three cyclones. Apart from claiming over 676 lives and displacing over 650 households, it has also destroyed crops, livestock, livelihoods and infrastructure including schools, houses, health facilities, power lines, roads, bridges just to mention some.

Moments like this offer a great opportunity for us to do what we can to help our neighbours in developing countries. We all face challenges on a daily basis but some communities are paying a truly harsh price for the cost of living and climate crises.

Christian Aid Week is a powerful statement that we are united in the hope that a better world is possible.


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