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It is truly disgraceful that in 2021 children continue to go hungry in the UK.

I highlighted the multitude of ways in which the UK’s benefit system contributes to the shocking levels of poverty we see, whilst noting that most children living in poverty have at least one parent in work.

The Scottish Government only has limited power to tackle this issue. However, it is using these powers to expand free school meals to every primary school pupil, while the Scottish Child Payment of £10 per week per child will be increased to £20, assisting 450,000 children across Scotland.

The Scottish Government has ambitious plans to tackle child poverty, whilst the UK Government has abandoned its targets altogether. The impact of poverty on someone’s life is all-encompassing. It impacts on their long term health outcomes, their education, their self-esteem, their opportunities and relationships. The UK Government’s shameful choices are pushing more and more children into poverty. To tackle childhood hunger political will is needed, not warm words.

Watch my speech below.

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