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I was delighted that actor Peter Egan was able to join me whilst I continued to campaign to ban trophy hunting.

Trophy hunters travelling from the UK shoot hundreds of endangered animals each year, including lions, elephants, giraffes and polar bears.

Nine in ten people in the UK want to see an end to this barbaric, cruel industry. Endangered animals should not be killed for thrills by British trophy hunters.

The law currently allows British trophy hunters to bring their ‘trophies’ – including animals’ heads and bodies – back into the UK to display in their homes.

A recent report by a cross-party committee of MPs and Lords says that elephants are the most popular trophy animal shot by UK hunters. Many go to Africa to shoot ‘canned’ lions – animals bred in captivity and shot within fenced enclosures. Also shot are seals, otters and wild cats, according to UN figures.

Some UK-owned firms also offer trophy hunting ‘holidays’ where people can shoot cheetahs, leopards and rhinos, according to the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting. This has to stop.

More information on trophy hunting is available from the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting at

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