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Patricia Gibson MP is urging Tory MPs to show some compassion and help Scottish households struggling with household bills, as the cost of living crisis escalates.

Patricia has highlighted research from Ipsos Scotland released last week which showed that almost half of parents (46%) find it difficult to afford their household bills. The research came on the same day Tesco supermarket's chairman John Allan warned the “worst is yet to come” as food prices are set to soar by 5% by Spring.

Commenting Patricia said:

“It is deeply worrying to see almost half of parents struggling to afford their household bills.

“Having made it through the challenges the pandemic has placed on households, families now face a cost of living crisis that the Tory UK Government is largely responsible for through Brexit, it’s increase in National Insurance contributions and inept energy policy; a crisis it is abjectly failing to tackle.

“It is paramount that Tory Ministers wake up to what families are facing right now.

"If Scotland’s half-dozen Tory MPs want to show compassion for the people they claim to represent then they need to press the UK Government to act or devolve more powers and resources to the Scottish Parliament.

“For every step Scotland takes forward in tackling poverty with policies like the ‘game changing’ Scottish Child payment, we are being held back by Westminster. Already, Holyrood is having to divert £594 million from it’s own responsibilities in the current financial to mitigate Tory policies.

“It’s clear that only with the full powers of independence can we properly support families across Scotland and create a fairer society.”


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