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I met with the League Against Cruel Sports the UK's leading multi-award winning charity to show support for putting an end to animals being abused and killed for ‘sport’.

The "Business Without Blood Sports" pledge is an exciting new initiative with over 120 companies committed to doing business in a way that does not support or enable cruel sports such as fox hunting.

This pledge is creating a community of like-minded businesses that value animal welfare and reflect the ethical values of the vast majority of the UK population who are opposed to blood sports.

Animal welfare issues are a priority concern with the public and the pledge helps business and enterprise connect with customers who share similar values.

Companies from around the UK who have already signed up to the pledge represent a range of industries from large energy suppliers to small and medium sized retailers, and many of them attended the launch of this pledge.

This event was an opportunity to demonstrate support for this emerging business community and our collective calls for stronger wildlife protection.

The charity carries out investigations, works to change attitudes and behaviour through education, campaign for stronger laws and penalties, and manage reserves which protect wildlife.

I discussed these matters with the charity's Chief Executive, Andy Knott MBE, (pictured) as this joint venture was launched with businesses to advance the welfare of animals and bring about a kinder society.

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