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While the Tories and Labour cling to failed Brexit disaster, senior radiologists have warned that cancer patients face life-threatening hospital delays and the prospect of more gruelling treatment as a result of NHS staff shortages.

A poll of all 60 directors of the UK’s cancer centres by the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) found staff shortages at 97% of the centres were leading to longer waiting times and delays in treatment. There is a shortfall of 30% clinical radiology consultants and this is projected to increase to 41% by 2027.

For every four-week delay to treatment, the risk of death increases by about 10%.

Repeated warnings were given that Brexit would impact the recruitment and retention of EU medics, including radiologists. The UK Government and Labour continue to support Brexit which has exacerbated NHS staff shortages which is costing the lives of cancer patients across the UK.

Watch the exchange below 👇.


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