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Since last autumn, Post Office Ltd has been in negotiations with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to renew the contract which allows DVLA services, including Vehicle Tax and Driving Licence renewals, to be sold in post offices.

The priority must be that post masters receive fair remuneration for delivering this service on behalf of DVLA but talks are tense and there is a possibility that the Post Office contract will end permanently next year and possibly even as soon as the end of June this year.

This could be yet another blow to postmasters across the UK which are already struggling with soaring energy costs and existential challenges to their business.

In North Ayrshire we have lost our post office in Kilwinning town centre and Ardrossan’s Glasgow Street. We need to ensure our post offices survive and thrive and this means supporting our post masters.

I urged the Leader of the House to recognise the importance of our post offices and ensure that postmasters are fairly paid for delivering DVLA services in our communities, given that the DVLA is a UK Government organisation. Watch below 👇.


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