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I thoroughly enjoyed the Beith Community Awards Ceremony, hosted by Beith Community Association to celebrate the hard work of people within the town.

From left to right, Ben Noble was awarded Young Citizen of the Year for training as a Junior Instructor to teach younger children and for his part in delivering Beith Aikido Club’s Ladies Self-Defence Classes.

Gwen MacKenzie win the Lifetime Achievement Award for the dedication no commitment shown in her role as District Nurse and the compassion and care she shows to both patients and their families

Emma Bradford win Citizen of the Year fir her work to support vulnerable children, providing food and Christmas boxes to pupils facing food poverty in her local school.

It was lovely to be able to celebrate Ben, Gwen and Emma’s hard work and dedication throughout 2021 and recognise the hard work of Beith’s citizens

I am sure everyone in Beith is grateful to the winners and nominees for their contributions to their town.

Despite 2021 being a difficult year, it is great to see that Beith’s community spirit remains strong as citizens support each other.

Thank you to Beith Community Association for organising the event in Beith Community Centre to ensure the winners receive their deserved recognition.


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