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Today’s ruling by the UK Supreme Court states that, without an agreement between the Scottish and UK governments, the Scottish Parliament cannot legislate for an independence referendum, even with a mandate from the people of Scotland to do so. Whilst we accept the legal ruling it does not settle the political and democratic question.

The Court did not decide on whether or not there is a mandate for a referendum.

The Court did not decide if there should be a referendum on Scotland's future.

The Court did not pronounce on whether there was ANY democratic means by which Scotland could choose her own future.

Unless there is a clear democratic route to allow the people of Scotland to choose its own future, it is clear this is not a voluntary Union. Of course, the only route is via a referendum which is why the Tory Government's man in Scotland, Alister Jack delivered such a shocking performance in Westminster today, when repeatedly pressed on this by SNP MPs.

The people of Scotland have repeatedly elected SNP representatives in the last 8 elections. The people of Scotland have delivered a mandate for an independence referendum. The people of Scotland are sovereign and will not be denied. We will take no lessons on democracy from an unelected Baron-in-waiting

The UK Government cannot stop the march of a nation. Its position is completely unsustainable and we will fight to ensure democracy prevails and the SNP will launch a major campaign in defence of Scottish democracy.

Watch my contribution below 👇.


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