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Each year, thousands of animals of various species including monkeys, mice, pigs and guinea pigs, are subjected to experiments using chemical, biological and other weapons, causing prolonged and extensive suffering;

Whilst these experiments are not conducted to develop or test offensive weapons, the animal's suffering can continue for hours until it dies, or is killed, and that an example of the symptoms from exposure to such weapons has included writhing, substantial incapacitation, no meaningful voluntary movement, gasping, continuous tremor, production of tears and visible production of saliva.

Shockingly, the suffering so endured is in addition to the standard deprivations of life in a laboratory, restriction on movement, inability to choose cage-mates, inescapable stressors, such as human presence, light and sound.

Every years thousands of animals are subjected to experimentation for purposes including medical countermeasures to biological and chemical agents, the detection and identification of biological agents.

It is time to introduce a ban on the use of living animals for warfare experiments and put an end to this unspeakable cruelty.


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