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I once again recently participated in a debate on real fur sales, where I called for a ban on fur products in the UK. In the UK, it is already illegal to farm animals for fur, recognising the cruelty and barbarism of this process, however unless we introduce a full ban on the sale of such products, we are simply outsourcing our animal cruelty to other countries.

Demand for real fur products has been in decline for decades, as consumers increasingly find them unethical and unacceptable. Marks & Spencer, Adidas and H&M have rejected the fur industry, while designers like Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood have supported calls for the UK to become the first European nation to ban fur sales. Israel became the first country in the world to ban fur sales earlier this year.

The UK Government must stop dragging its feet on this issue. The overwhelming majority of consumers support this ban and it also has cross party support. The time for action is long overdue.

Watch my speech below.


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