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The CalMac Community Fund exists to benefit the lives of people living in our communities by supporting non-profit groups achieve their goals.

Since its launch in 2019 the CalMac Community Fund has now supported 195 groups during challenging circumstances deliver:

  • Health and Wellbeing outcomes including changes to people's physical health, psychological and emotional well-being.

  • Social and Community outcomes including improved social engagement and cohesion, reduction of isolation and increased cultural awareness.

  • Greater access to local community and social activities, development of new friendships.

  • Education and Skills outcomes including improved teamwork and communication and new technical, recreational and life skills.

  • Employment and Volunteering outcomes including changes to employment opportunities and the generation of 1,734 volunteering hours.

  • Environmental outcomes including raising awareness of local environmental issues and challenges and promoting sustainable living.

Projects supported by the Fund have benefitted over 11,000 people living in the Clyde and Hebridean network.

Application Checkpoint Approaching

The Fund is open for applications and would like to support groups and projects working to tackle the following key themes:

  • Reducing social isolation

  • Improving health and wellbeing

  • Addressing issues related to poverty, especially in relation to the cost-of-living crisis.

  • Local and community transport.

The Fund is open until 6 January 2023. Groups that apply before 14 November 2022 will be considered for support in December 2022.

Local groups can find out more details and make an application by visiting



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