A campaigning SNP MP has called on the UK government to work with the travel industry and give clarity to consumers over a multi-billion pound travel voucher chest.

Patricia Gibson MP warned that the public must not lose financially after thousands of trips were cancelled due to COVID pandemic restrictions. The MP said the value of vouchers must be honoured, no matter the expiry or expected surge in demand when restrictions allow.

Many travel companies have a one-year expiry date on vouchers, and travel expert Simon Calder has estimated that around £7billion of travel credit has accrued during the COVID pandemic.

SNP Consumer Affairs spokesperson Patricia Gibson MP said: “It is right that travel companies take decisions on the basis of the public health guidance, but the public cannot end up in a like-it-or-lump-it situation where they face being out of pocket for reasons beyond their control.

“When restrictions are eased and travel routes open up, demand is expected to exceed supply - so the UK government must work with the industry to ensure that arbitrary expiry dates on travel vouchers don’t mean people losing money because they weren’t lucky in the rush.

“There are billions of pounds at stake here - and it cannot be left for individuals to face a hopeless battle with big airlines or corporations just to ensure they don’t lose out financially.

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