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Senior Labour MPs briefed Newsnight journalist Nick Watt last  night that Labour’s leadership threatened the Speaker that they would not support him continuing as the Speaker under a Labour Government if he did not break with convention in an unprecedented way and ignore the advice of the Clerk of the House and permit the Labour Party to effectively prevent SNP MPs – and all MPs -  from having a vote on an SNP Opposition Day motion on the need for a ceasefire in Gaza, which would see a large Labour rebellion.


The Speaker says he faced no threats or intimidation but whilst he was meeting with the Labour leadership, Labour MPs were in the House of Commons chamber filibustering – and therefore delaying and shortening the time for a debate on the awful events in Gaza -  until the Speaker acceded to the demands of Labour.  If there was no threats or intimidation, there must be full disclosure and the minutes of the Labour leadership’s meeting with the Speaker must be released.  That should clear the matter up.


It is truly shocking that Labour was so afraid of a rebellion, they disrupted a vote on this vital issue -  party that argues about the wording of a motion whilst tens of thousands of civilians are being killed.


Last night we had an insight into what a Labour Government under Sir Keir Starmer would look like and it looked grubby, manipulative and utterly without courage. See my comments today below 👇


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