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It was a pleasure today to meet Girlguiding to discuss online harm following Safer Internet Day yesterday and during Children’s Mental Health Week.

The findings of the girlguiding reseach is truly shocking with 79% of 13-21 year old girls and young women experiencing online harms such as sexist comments (35%), cyberflashing (22%), sexual harrassment (20%), catfishing (20%), pressure to share nude pictures (16%) and cyberstalking (13%).

Alarmingly, only 15% of girls and young women feel that social media is a safe place for them, with over half (55%) say knowing about online abuse of women puts them off certain jobs.

You can read the full research carried out on behalf of Girlguiding by clicking the link below:

The Online Safety Bill presents an important opportunity to deliver robust protection and safety for girls and young women online from which the U.K. Government must not shirk.


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