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I know I am not alone in admiring the mural on Glasgow Street, Ardrossan, created by extremely talented local artist Tragic O'Hara.

Funds to commission the mural were secured by Ardrossan Community Development Trust (ACDT) from The Scottish Government via Sustrans Scotland Art Roots Fund.

The mural celebrates the town of Ardrossan in dramatic style following consultation with local school pupils.

From the right hand side of the photo, you can see a seal swimming in the water wearing an Ardrossan Winton Rovers

 jersey - the seal was an idea pitched at Tragic's school visits.

Above is the Lairds Isle ship - one of Ardrossan's most famous vessels which ran services from Ardrossan to Belfast back in the 1930s.

After being requisitioned by the Royal Navy for convoy duty during the Second World War, the Lairds Isle resumed the Belfast run in 1946. She continued to operate this service until she was broken up at Troon in 1957.

Above the ship is one of Ardrossan's most recognisable landmarks - Ardrossan Castle.

To the left of this is a transmission tower - which is to signify when radio history was made in Ardrossan when in December 1921 the signal from amateur station 1BCG in Greenwich, Connecticut, was heard in Ardrossan, marking the first successful transatlantic radio transmission using shortwave frequencies.

Below this is an underwater memorial which signifies the sinking of HMS Dasher off the coast of Ardrossan during the Second World War.

Left of this is a shark, another suggestion which Tragic took from his visit to local schools.

Next to it is a bowl, to represent the bowling clubs of Ardrossan.

Above the water once again is a train, which signifies that Ardrossan once had five train stations, considered to be the most of any town in Scotland. At present, the town still has three.

Flying above the train is an aeroplane, which pays homage to Janet Hendry - Scotland's first registered female pilot.

Rounding off the mural, just out of picture to the left hand side, is a barrel jellyfish - an mesmerising sea creature which is often spotted off the Ardrossan shoreline.

A fabulous addition to the town, this striking mural is well worth a close look.


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