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I recently secured and led a debate on the gender pension gap, the difference in pension income between men and women, which stands at a shameful 40.3%, more than double the gender pay gap of 17.3%. It is simply unacceptable that all types of pension provision—whether state pensions, workplace pensions or private pensions—inherently discriminate against women, and this is an issue the UK Government can easily act to address.

Women born in the 1950s, WASPI women who have been robbed of their rightful pensions, the triple lock not applying to Pension Credit, the fact that women are more likely be in part time work and are more likely to take career breaks due to caring responsibilities, the Lower Earnings Threshold discriminating against women who are more likely to be lower paid as does the pension auto-enrolment system anomalies in the Child Benefit system and the impact of maternity leave, all mean women are much more likely to suffer poverty in retirement.

Below you can see me offer the U.K. Government a clear way as to how these barriers to closing the pension gap can be removed. See below 👇


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