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The level of plastic waste in the UK is truly shameful, with only the USA generating more plastic per person than the UK.

Millions of animals are killed by plastic every year, including fish, birds and other marine creatures and microplastics have been found in more than 100 aquatic species which have now entered our food chain. Plastic takes centuries to decompose, and we must urgently work towards recyclable or reusable plastic packaging. The Scottish Government has committed to doing this by 2030, having led the way with charging for plastic bags and bans on personal hygiene products containing plastic microbeads and plastic-stemmed cotton buds.

However, to make real progress in tackling this issue we must target the big plastic producers, with Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Nestlé being the three largest plastic polluters in the world in 2020. Such companies continue to make huge profits while their products scar our landscapes and oceans, poisoning our food chains and killing animals.

COP26 presents an opportunity to take real action and hold big plastic producers accountable. This is an opportunity we cannot afford to miss, or we will not be forgiven by future generations. Watch my speech below 👇

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