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This week I attended a Gambling Related Harm meeting to learn more about the importance of significant reform of the online gambling industry to prevent harm.

The White Paper on will be being published soon, presenting a perfect opportunity to deliver this reform, to which all major parties committed in their 2019 election manifestos.

More and more people will have suffered gambling harm since these promises were made, with families and individuals affected because outdated legislation is not doing its job.

It has been widely reported that Public Health England has estimated gambling harm costs £1.27 billion a year and It is time to treat this harmful addiction as a public health issue.

We see the results of an out-of-date system daily. News from constituents and in the media show us terrible personal stories of health and mental health impacts, financial hardship, breakdown of relationships and even families who have lost loved ones.

This must stop.

Reform does not need to impact on people who enjoy betting and suffer no harm but should be concentrated on protecting people from falling into addiction and suffering harms. This can happen to anyone and is all too common.

It is time to bring forward proposals to prevent gambling harm.


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