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Asda will be donating 1 million meals before Christmas to support vulnerable people across the UK.

These extra meals will be given to food banks, charities and community groups throughout the next two months. This is in addition to Asda’s ‘Fight Hunger Create Change’ programme with FareShare and The Trussell Trust, which has enabled over 50 million meals to be donated over the last three years.

There are a number of ways for Asda to reach 1 million extra meals before Christmas: donating food from stores and depots that would otherwise go to waste; grants for food from the Asda Foundation and the generosity of customers through in-store trolley donations.

Grants of up to £1,000 are available to charities and community groups to buy food for anyone in need in the lead up to Christmas, whether they be individuals, families, or holiday clubs.

I encourage all local community groups to contact the local Community Champion at their local ASDA, to find out how they can apply for this grant and join the effort to donate 1 million meals.

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