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With some COVID-19 restrictions being re-imposed, many older people are feeling unsure of where they stand and uncertain of how the next few months will play out.

Age Scotland has a range of advice, providing a wide range of services to help people in later life throughout the UK. During the pandemic the Age Scotland network has provided hundreds of thousands of friendship calls, answered tens of thousands of information and advice enquiries and delivered countless food packages and medical prescriptions during the pandemic.

Find your local Age Scotland here to see what is happening in your area:

☎️ for information and advice: 0333 32 32 400 - Monday to Friday 9am-4pm

💻 the latest guidance on #covid19:

📌 to find your local Age Scotland:

Advice for volunteers

In these challenging times, lots of people have been asking us how they can support older people who are staying at home. In order to best support those older people who may be in need of some simple assistance immediately, we want to encourage people to take part in neighbourly volunteering.

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