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With the UK Government openly admitting its preparedness to break international law with the UK Internal Market Bill, I asked the Foreign Secretary how he believes this move strengthens the UK ‘s international credibility.

The willingness of the UK Government to tear up its Brexit deal, agreed with the European Union last year, not only breaks international law, but seriously undermines Britain’s reputation as a state which stands by its international agreements. Both sides of the US Congress have said they oppose this move by the UK Government, and EU countries have recently begun legal proceedings against the UK. Despite the Foreign Secretary’s bluster, there is no denying the action of the UK Government have undermined the international status of the UK, just as it seeks to negotiate new international trade deals.

The fact that the Foreign Secretary could only cite respect for the UK in Belarus – those living under a dictatorship – is a stark reflection of the UK’s tattered reputation amongst established democracies.

Watch the exchange below.

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