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This week in the House of Commons I presented a Parliamentary Petition calling for the abolition of the House of Lords.

This is an archaic institution which is accountable to no one and yet wields huge influence over how our laws are made.

Stuffed full of failed politicians, cronies, party donors, bishops and aristocrats, it is appalling that any modern country retains such overt patronage symbolising the absurd institutions in the UK establishment.

Calls for reform of the House of Lords is an issue that has been dragging on for decades, and neither the Tories nor Labour, which has promised reform for over a century, have delivered any meaningful change to this outdated institution. It does not need reform, it needs to be abolished. Could its continued survival be due to the fact that many of the politicians who tell us they wish to reform it, look forward to spending their retirement there?

The most important aspect of a democracy is accountability; the ability to remove people from positions of power, yet voters cannot remove peers, pick its members or influence its decisions. There is no place in a modern democracy for such an institution.

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