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Support for independence has soared to 55%, according to the latest Panelbase survey.

Conducted on behalf of Business for Scotland, the poll confirms that a majority support for independence is now the established position, with backing for the Yes movement reaching new heights.

Commenting, Patricia Gibson MP said:

“Here is yet another poll which shows support for independence soaring across Scotland – Boris Johnson’s attempts to deny the right of the people to decide their own future is now utterly unsustainable.

“With consecutive polls putting support for independence above 50%, it’s clear this is not a trend but the established position of the Scottish electorate.

"Boris Johnson’s handling of coronavirus, and his Tory government’s contempt for all things Scotland, it is no wonder that the majority of voters in Scotland want to make their own decisions on the future of our country.

“More and more people in Scotland want the future of their country to be in their own hands, not in the hands of a remote UK Government which they have rejected.

"Continued attempts to deny the people of Scotland the right to decide their own future are merely feeding a desire for self-determination in Scotland that is not going to go away. This UK Government is simply in denial.

The writing is on the wall for the Union so now, more than ever before, keep the heid!"


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