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As children across Scotland return for the new term, many will make the journey to school on foot, which can be hazardous as the dark mornings are not too far away.

New research has shown that many parents are concerned about their children's level of road safety awareness with two-thirds of parents saying they do not think their children have a good understanding of the dangers on our roads while one in eight said they are very concerned about their child's safety when navigating our roads.

Indeed, the older children get, the more at risk they become, as they gain independence.

Children and young people are among the most vulnerable road users. Because of their age, many do not have the ability to make an accurate judgement about safe road use, while lack of experience of particular situations also means they are at greater risk.

Children are often impulsive and easily distracted and for these reasons need special consideration by other road users.

Child casualties (i.e. under 16 years of age) killed and seriously injured have fallen significantly over the last ten years but children aged 15 and under still account for around a quarter of pedestrian injuries and deaths on our roads.

Clearly we need more emphasis on road safety to remind all young people of the rules of the road so that we know they are as safe as they can be.

More info on Scotland's Road Safety Framework can be found here:

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