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Many are concerned about the potential diminution of food standards, safety and animal welfare issues post Brexit. There is fear that these will be sacrificed in the quest for trade deals post Brexit.

The UK Government has made no secret of its desire to have a trade deal with the United States, a country with much lower food standards, where chlorinated chicken and hormone injected beef are common practices.

Therefore, consumers and farmers are right to be concerned about Scotland’s high-quality products being undercut by substandard imports from the US, particularly as the UK Government has rejected cross party amendments to the Agricultural Bill that aimed to protect our food standards and safety.

I therefore presented a petition in Parliament, calling for the establishment of a Food Standards Commission, so that any trade deals could be monitored to ensure that preservation of our high standards for that food and drink products. It is essential that UK welfare standards are maintained and local farmers and growers compete on a level playing field when it comes to the quality and safety of our food.

You can watch my contribution below.

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