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I presented a petition to Westminster urging the UK Government to seek an extension to the Brexit transition period to prevent further unnecessary and severe economic harm to Scotland and the entire UK. The coronavirus pandemic has left businesses in a fragile state, and the outbreak has affected preparations for the new trading relationship.

Whilst the European Union was open to such an extension, the UK Government has refused this and looks as though it is careering towards a disastrous No Deal Brexit.

With the world focussed – quite rightly - on fighting a global health pandemic, it seems ludicrous that this Tory Government continues to reject an extension to these talks. Combatting this health crisis should be the priority right now. Ideological posturing and getting Brexit ‘done’ is no more than an ideological obsession which will damage jobs, prosperity and will compound the economic damage inflicted by the global health crisis

We are facing the prospect of the UK economy shrinking by 35% and unemployment rising by two million as a result of the coronavirus. The last thing our businesses need right now is a no-deal Brexit too.

In addition, the Health Foundation, an independent charity, has previously said a no-deal exit from the EU could cause significant harm to the NHS and social care services.

Polls show the majority of people support an extension to the transition period. A survey by Focaldata found eighty-three per cent (83%) of people in Scotland and seventy-seven per cent (77%) across Britain say the UK government should agree to an extension.

You can watch this below:

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