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I presented a petition to the House of Commons calling for an inquiry into Dominic Cummings’ 260-mile lockdown trip to Durham and urging Mr Cummings to consider his position. This trip, as well as his 60-mile round trip to Barnard Castle to ‘test his eyesight’, breached the Government’s ‘Stay at Home’ message and was potentially dangerous to him, his family and other road users.

A huge number of my constituents have contacted me, understandably angry and upset with the Prime Minister’s senior advisor breaking lockdown rules that they have been making so many sacrifices to adhere to. They are even more angry that he was accorded a press conference where he sought to explain his actions and chose to not only refuse to resign, but he could not even bring himself to make an apology. He refuses to resign so he should have been sacked.

You can watch my contribution below. 👇

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