Yesterday I participated in a debate on free school meals, after the UK Government had to be forced into making a U-turn on its decision not to provide free school meals over the summer holidays to children in England.

Tackling holiday hunger – the importance of which has long been recognised in Scotland - particularly at this time when so many families face the prospect of redundancies and job losses, is essential.

I pointed out that it is shocking that the Children’s Future Food Inquiry, published last year has not yet merited a response from the UK Government.

However, tackling the issue of childhood hunger – a disgrace in this day and age, needs more fundamental action than free school meals during summer holidays. A range of measures are needed to tackle child poverty. I urged the UK Government to replicating the Scottish Government’s Child Payment, which was described by the Child Poverty Action Group as a “game changer” for child poverty.

You can watch my contributions below.

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