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Today is World Pre-Eclampsia Day, a relatively little-known but life-threatening condition that is estimated to contribute to the deaths of 1,000 babies every year in the UK, and it can also be life-threatening for their mothers. My own son was stillborn at full term in 2009 after hospital staff failed to spot that I had pre-eclampsia, and the condition almost cost me my own life as well.

Last year, I led the first ever debate in the House of Commons on Pre-Eclampsia, where I highlighted the importance of raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of this condition amongst both expectant mothers and the medical staff who care for them. Early detection and monitoring of expectant mothers is vital so that the signs can be identified early and lives can be saved.

I also called for more research into pre-eclampsia to advance the treatment and detection of this condition, so that as much progress as possible can be made to prevent the tragic deaths of babies as a result of it.

You can watch my speech below.

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