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The benefits of reading are well documented, including in the National Health Service Every Mind Matters guide to supporting mental health through this crisis. As well as books offering hope, comfort and stimulation, there is evidence that reading for pleasure among children is proven to boost their literacy levels. So whether its sharing a story with your little ones or escaping into an author’s fictional reality, now is a perfect time to reach for a book and to get reading.

Moreover, the UK publishing industry is really struggling with the impact of COVID-19. However, authors are still writing and publishers are still producing excellent reads. The UK's world-leading publishing sector can continue to contribute to society once the lock-down ends.

Join in the 'My Three Books' celebration of books by posting your favourite book as a child, what you are reading at the moment and what book you are really looking forward to reading. For me, my favourite books as a child were any Enid Blyton's Famous Five adventure, I am currently reading 'Bhalla Strand' by Sarah Maine - Author and can't wait to read The Quincunx, Charles Palliser. What are your three books?

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