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Turn2us is a national charity that provides practical information and support to people facing financial crisis.

Having surveyed 2000 working age adults in the UK to understand the economic impact of coronavirus on people's employment, Turn2us found a stark impact on people's income and ability to afford household necessities and the impact on our welfare state is set to be significant.

Turn2us offers support to those affected in a number of practical ways.

The website and helpline support includes:

• Benefits Calculator so that people can work out what they are eligible for (coronavirus updated)

• Grants Search – containing over 1,700 charitable grants (searchable by profession, health condition, location and age)

• Information on benefits and grants (including additional rights due to coronavirus)

Opening hours are Mon – Fri: 8am to 6:30pm; Sat: 9am to 1pm

A helpline is available on 0808 802 2000.

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