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For the first time ever, the UK’s World Parkinson’s Day activity has been designed by members of the community, and brought to life with the support of Parkinson's UK and The Cure Parkinson's Trust.

The Parkinson's community recognises that even when people are aware of Parkinson’s, they often don’t understand the condition - and they want to change this. So this World Parkinson’s Day the community wants to challenge the public by asking, “If you know 66 people, chances are you know someone affected by Parkinson's. But do you know Parkinson's?”

As part of their Know Parkinson's? campaign, the community are launching a map of stories from all over the UK to help people get to know Parkinson’s. It’s not just people living with Parkinson’s that are affected by it. In the UK, a million friends, families, neighbours, colleagues and researchers have stories to tell. Everyone’s experience of Parkinson’s is different. And how they feel about it is different too.

The stories will complement local activity taking place on the day - such as landmarks ‘lit-up’ in blue.

Visit…/world-parkinsons-day-2020 to hear about the stories of those living with Parkinson's.

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