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I have formally written to Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs to urge him do more to help people stranded overseas during the coronavirus crisis.

Many thousands of UK citizens have found themselves left in limbo by travel agents, airlines and insurers as the Covid 19 shutdown has circled the globe. While people at home have been unable to travel, and left disappointed with travel arrangements disrupted, those already overseas are in increasing danger has holiday resorts close down, travel visas expire and money runs out.

I have been in constant communication with the Foreign Office in an attempt to secure assistance for a number of constituents, to no avail, and has now appealed directly to the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Dominic Raab MP. I am deeply frustrated at the lack of action from the UK Government on behalf of my constituents, and many thousands of other UK citizens, stranded abroad during the current coronavirus Covid 19 crisis.

I have several constituents stranded abroad about whom I am deeply concerned, including a constituent from Kilwinning currently stranded in New Zealand, a couple from Largs unable to leave the United States, and another couple from Stevenston stuck in Australia. Each of these constituents has tried to contact the British Consular Services and have had no help whatsoever. Abandoned by their airlines and insurance companies, it seems the only help available from the UK Government is some general advice.

While other European countries have been chartering planes to get their own citizens home, those from the UK have been in the airports looking on as their own Government appears to do nothing. That must have been extremely distressing for those people, who are tired, frightened and worried about what will happen to them. The situation is deeply unsatisfactory, and I am urging the UK Government to step up their efforts to make sure UK citizens stranded abroad are able to return home to the UK as quickly as possible.

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