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The SNP has warned that UK government plans to back out of a key €1.46 billion (£1.26 billion) European Union (EU) scheme which supports culture and creative industries risks a “decade of stifled growth.”

Membership of Creative Europe was missing in this week’s policy paper detailing the UK government’s approach to the next phase of Brexit negotiations, yet the UK government appear to have no plans in place to replicate funding or benefits of the scheme.

The decision flies in the face of an intervention by the British Film Institute (BFI) last week about remaining part of Creative Europe - which does not require EU membership - as one of its strategic priorities post-Brexit.

In stark contrast, the SNP Government today published ‘A Culture Strategy for Scotland’ which demonstrates its commitment to strengthening the sector in order to value, protect and nurture culture, placing it at the very heart of government.

Patricia Gibson MSP said:

“The Tories’ decision to back out of Creative Europe is simply incomprehensible and will be damaging for building valuable partnerships, knowledge exchange and economic growth, particularly in our screen sector.

“Organisations in the sector deserve urgent clarification over what alternative funding the UK Government will provide to make up for this shortfall.

“It’s impossible to replicate the benefits that Creative Europe offers and only serves to show just how devastating Brexit will be for the cultural, creative and audiovisual sectors.”


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