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I recently took part in a debate on Special Educational Needs, highlighting how every child and young person must receive the support they need to ensure they reach their full potential. In Scotland, we have a higher percentage of school registered pupils with special or additional support needs, 27% compared to 15% in England, so this is an issue is of particular importance to Scotland.

I highlighted some of the achievements that have been made in Scotland, with the percentage of children with an additional support need having a positive follow-up destination has increased by 5.9% to 87.9%, and those leaving school with one or more qualifications increasing by 5.4% to 91%. Alongside that, exclusions in Scotland are at their lowest level since 2002-03. The incredible work of teachers and support staff must be praised when discussing these improvements, and I have seen for myself some of the support that can be given, such as the nurture base at Auchenharvie Academy.

I pointed out that whilst these improvements must be welcomed, there is still much work to be done. We must ensure that all children are in an environment that is best suited to them, and that they are able to access the support they require as soon as possible.

You can watch my contribution below.

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