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The SNP will today reject the UK Government’s flawed Brexit bill - which the party warns will “throw the constitution into crisis.” The SNP has tabled a reasoned amendment that refuses to allow the Withdrawal Agreement to pass on the grounds that - - The Scottish Parliament has not consented to those parts of the Bill which encroach on devolved competencies. - The Bill fails to take into account the fact that the people of Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union, and - It is not fit for purpose as it undermines the fundamental principles of the Scotland Act 1998 by reserving to Westminster powers that would otherwise be devolved to the Scottish Parliament after Brexit. SNP Westminster leader, Ian Blackford MP, said: “The UK Government has throughout the entire Brexit process disregarded Scotland’s voice and interests. “Rather than working with the devolved governments, the UK Government has instead railroaded ahead with its flawed Brexit bill which poses the biggest threat to devolution and will throw the constitution into crisis. “The Scottish Parliament has voted overwhelmingly against granting the Withdrawal Bill legislative consent, in line with the clear and repeated votes of the people of Scotland. “In Westminster, the SNP has today brought forward a reasoned amendment that rejects the bill and its democratic assault on devolved powers and its refusal to respect the vote of the Scottish people. “It’s clear that the people of Scotland deserve the choice of a better future as an independent country - rather than the broken Britain being imposed upon us.”

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