LEADER RACE SHOWS LABOUR STILL "HOPELESSLY OUT OF TOUCH" The SNP has said Labour is still "hopelessly out of touch" with Scotland - after leadership contender Jess Philips, who continues to back a second EU referendum, refused to accept Scotland's right to hold an independence referendum in a BBC interview today. In an interview with BBC Good Morning Scotland, Ms Phillips said "I don't think we should have another referendum on Scottish independence" and claimed a majority did not support a referendum, despite the SNP winning more than eighty per cent of seats in Scotland on a mandate to hold an independence referendum. SNP MP, Patricia Gibson said the comments "smack of arrogance and the same high-handed, dismissive attitude that caused support for Labour to collapse in Scotland" Commenting, Patricia Gibson MP said: "These comments smack of arrogance and the same high-handed, dismissive attitude that has caused support for Labour to collapse in Scotland. “Labour clearly hasn’t learned a thing and is still hopelessly out of touch if it thinks it can ignore democracy and deny people in Scotland a choice over our future. “As long as Labour politicians think they can lecture from Westminster and refuse to respect Scotland’s right to self-determination - they will continue to fade into political irrelevance. “The SNP won a landslide victory at the General Election, with over 80% of Scotland’s seats represented by the SNP on a mandate of protecting Scotland’s right to choose its own future - and the people of Scotland will have that choice.”

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