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I really enjoyed the lively hustings last night on Isle of Arran in Brodick Hall.

The Lib Dem candidate failed to appear or even say why. However it is many years since a Lib Dem graced a hustings in North Ayrshire and Arran so no one was surprised.

The Tory candidate's non-appearance - despite being invited to the hustings weeks ago - was apparently because he was " playing the piano" at a school concert, causing one member of the audience to ask, "Can no one else play the piano in North Ayrshire?"

I really enjoy coming to Arran. I campaigned here last week and will be knocking on doors here again today.

As always, islanders put the three candidates who attended through our paces with host of questions ranging from Boris Johnson's fitness to lead to WASPI women and island ferry services.

I was delighted with the positive response to my contributions to the hustings and thank all of those who took the time to chat yo me at the end of the proceedings.

I know many were deeply disappointed at the Tory candidate's no show. So far he has been completely invisible throughout this campaign and certainly has not been over to Arran. One wonders if he even considers himself a serious candidate.

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