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The SNP has warned of a damning new report which revealed that child poverty would reach a "record high" under Tory manifesto plans.

The Resolution Foundation found that Tory proposals “make no changes” to existing policy and as a result, child poverty “risks reaching a 60-year high of 34 per cent,” with the party presiding over £3.8 billion of further cuts to working-age benefits.

Patricia Gibson, Scottish National Party (SNP) Candidate for North Ayrshire and Arran, said:

“It will come as no surprise that in the whole Tory manifesto poverty is only mentioned in one sentence. It's clear that they not only don’t want to tackle rising levels of poverty, inequality and foodbank use.

“Every year the SNP Government has to step in and invest £100 million to mitigate the worst impact of UK welfare cuts which have reduced social security spending in Scotland by a staggering £3.7 billion next year. There is a clear contrast between the Tories and the SNP Government which last year invested more than £1.4 billion in support targeted at low income families.

“On 12 December, people across Scotland will face a clear choice over their future; continued cuts and chaos with the Tories. Or Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands so we can create a fairer social security system that does not target and punish the most vulnerable people in society.”

Resolution Foundation:

Fears child poverty may rise to record 60-year high under the Tories:


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