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After one of my constituents almost died owing to ‘not spots’ last year, the previous Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport assured me, before the formal dissolution of parliament, that there would be 95% coverage in each of the four UK nations by 2022. That target has now slipped to 2025.

In addition, Scotland’s 4G coverage is still less than the UK-wide geographic target of 95% which means more work needs to be done.

Only 3.5% - £21m - of the £600m for the delivery of broadband is being met by the UK Government, despite legal and regulatory responsibility resting solely with the UK Government. By contrast, Northern Ireland and the DUP receives 91% of funding for broadband. We need fairer funding for broadband across the devolved nations of the UK.

I asked the Secretary of State, Nicky Morgan MP to explain what has gone wrong with tackling ‘not spots’ so far in Scotland and when Scotland will have the same coverage as the rest of the UK. Disappointed but not surprised that she decided to pass the buck.

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