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Scottish National Party (SNP) MPs will demand that Scotland is granted full control over our railways through the devolution of Network Rail.

The party’s manifesto will also include a pledge to push the UK government to commit to reduce journey times between Scotland and England, reducing the need for air travel.

Under the current model, rail services are delivered through franchise contracts while infrastructure is the responsibility of Network Rail.

This means that responsibility is split between two governments, with the SNP Scottish Government in charge of the trains but not the tracks.

Unlike Labour, whose plan to hand powers back to Westminster with a single Britain-wide company, the SNP will insist our railways are run here in Scotland.

Commenting, SNP candidate for North Ayrshire and Arran, Patricia Gibson said:

“The way our rail network is run, with power split between the SNP and UK governments, isn’t working.

“Nearly two thirds of all delays on the rail network are attributable to Network Rail, who answer to Westminster, not Holyrood.

“SNP MPs will demand that control of the Scottish railway system to be put in the hands of the Scottish Parliament where it belongs.

“We will also push for the investment needed to improve journey times between Scotland and England at the same time, reducing the need for air travel.”

“Labour’s policy of putting devolution on the railways into reverse is one we will strongly oppose.”


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