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The Tories have failed massively on their 2017 election promises to protect our pensioners, who now receive the lowest pension out of all 28 European member states as a percentage of their earnings. This UK Tory Government have let our pensioners down at every turn. The increases in pension age for women born in the 1950s with little or no notice, the prospect of the pension age rising to 75 and with pensioner poverty on the rise, the axing of free TV licenses for the over 75s being some high profile examples and the changes in eligibility for Pension Credit, shows a disregard for our pensioners. The proportion of UK pensioners living in severe poverty is five times higher now than in 1986. With such a record the Tories should not be trusted to deliver a better future for our older generations and 12 December provides an opportunity for voters to give their verdict on this Tory Government and vote for the SNP which will treat pensioners the dignity and respect they deserve in old age.

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