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Local MP, Patricia Gibson has successfully urged Parliamentary monitoring website, They Work For You, which publishes information to keep citizens informed about what MPs do at Westminster, to add a disclaimer to its website which says, “Note: SNP MPs do not generally vote on legislation not affecting Scotland, as these matters are devolved to the Scottish Parliament”.

Mrs Gibson said:

“Tory List MSP Jamie Greene has repeatedly attempted to smear and undermine me and other SNP MPs by suggesting that we “miss” Commons votes because we do not vote on England only matters. This allegation is designed to deliberately mislead. Indeed, the Tories brought in English Votes for English Laws (EVEL) to ensure that MPs representing Scottish constituencies could not influence English only matters. Votes from Scotland’s MPs are not counted in the final decision where matters do not impact on Scotland. The SNP has always accepted this.

“However, because our not voting on England only matters has been, in my view, deliberately, cynically and irresponsibly misrepresented by Mr Greene, I and no doubt my colleagues, have received appalling abuse due to the hostility whipped up, with accusations of “laziness” being the most printable. My voting record is amongst the best in the House and I spoke on 134 occasions on behalf of my North Ayrshire and Arran constituents in the last year alone. Contributions are on my Facebook page

“Of course, Tory MPs from Scotland do vote on EVEL matters, to increase their voting percentage, despite cynically knowing their votes will not count.

“I am pleased that the matter has now been clarified by They Work For You, which is the responsible thing to do. I hope now that these opportunistic attempts to smear and besmirch my record of hard work and commitment to my constituents will stop and Mr Greene will switch his focus to policy.”


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