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The US is imposing a 25 per cent import tariff on Scotch whisky as part of a dispute over aircraft subsidies.

These crippling tariffs could have a disastrous impact on the whole Scotch whisky industry and as well as all the jobs they sustain in the supply chain, not least in our rural communities such as Lochranza and Lagg on Arran.

Single malt Scotch whisky exports to the US were worth over £380 million last year, and the industry is set to bear the burden for half of the tariffs levelled against the UK as part of the US’s retaliation.

It is clear this trade war will be extremely damaging, particularly as we look set to lose our collective trading strength as part of the EU, and it does not bode well for future trade deals with the United States post-Brexit.

Scotch whisky does not deserve to be caught up in this dispute.

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