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Following my question last Thursday to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, which you can view here, I was astonished to be contacted by a local journalist who asked me to respond to an astonishing attack by Tory List MSP and Edinburgh resident, Jamie Greene.

Whilst most people join a political party out of conviction, Mr Greene became a politician after answering an advert from the Tories, who were desperate for candidates. Invisible outside Edinburgh, he was one of only three MSPs who abstained in the Scottish Parliament’s first Brexit vote, being uncertain what way the wind was blowing. He has since declared that he voted Remain. Then leave!

"These comments were not fit for the office that Patricia Gibson holds, reflect badly on North Ayrshire and Arran are bordering on physically threatening the Prime Minister.

“Not only being divisive, these comments risk further inflaming public tensions which could have serious consequences – she should know better.

“North Ayrshire deserves far better than the angry, bitter and uninspiring commentary that we regularly receive from both Gibsons.

“No doubt she will want to apologise at the first opportunity.”

To which I responded:

“Mr Greene has a brass neck to pretend outrage at my quoting the Prime Minister’s hysterical and absurd words back at him. No doubt to curry favour with local Tories annoyed that he didn’t support Mr Johnson’s leadership bid.

“The point of my quoting the Prime Minister was to highlight how he had very unwisely painted himself into a corner over a Brexit over which he has lost control.

“It is odd that Mr Greene passed no comment when Mr Johnson said he would rather “die in a ditch” than stay in Europe after 31 October yet now objects to me quoting him. In addition, I recall no objection from Mr Greene about “Operation Arse”, the Tory campaign to stop Mr Johnson becoming Prime Minister led by Mr Greene’s former boss, Ruth Davidson MSP, who recently threw in the towel after Mr Johnson became Tory Leader.

“Mr Greene’s pretend outrage is to distract from my SNP colleague, Joanna Cherry QC MP, taking court action to ensure that this Tory Prime Minister obeys the law with regard to ensuring we do not endure a no-deal Brexit.

“This follows the UK Supreme Court ruling that Mr Johnson’s shutting down of parliament was illegal, with the Court of Session judging the Prime Minister had done so “for the improper purpose of stymieing parliament.”

“Given that the Prime Minister is also currently being investigated by a Police Watchdog for possible “misconduct in public office” over grants being awarded to a former model, whilst he was London Mayor, Mr Greene has plenty of matters over which he could be outraged. Me quoting this bumbling Prime Minister’s hysterical words back at him is not one of them.”

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