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Opponents of independence are becoming “increasingly desperate” in the face of sustained evidence that Scots want a referendum, the SNP has said.

Polling expert Sir John Curtice this week wrote that support for independence has increased to an average of 49% – and that it is “difficult to sustain” that the country opposed a new poll.

In an embarrassing boomerang attack, polling released by Scotland in Union is the latest to show an increase in support for a fresh referendum compared to six months ago.

The growing pressure has left anti-independence parties panicked, with just this week:

• Acting Tory Leader in Scotland, Jackson Carlaw MSP, bizarrely claiming that the SNP need to win the equivalent of 88% of the vote at the next Holyrood election to secure a referendum mandate.

• Scotland in Union producing a rigged poll that replaced the well understood ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ question with a Brexit-associated ‘Leave’ and ‘Remain’

• An anti-independence campaign group demanding a future referendum be rigged so that a 65% Yes vote failed to win independence

Commenting, Patricia Gibson MP said:

“The SNP has a mandate for a referendum, the Scottish Parliament has voted for a referendum and the Scottish people increasingly want an independence referendum.

“With support for independence growing, the Tories are holding democracy in contempt by opposing a fresh vote. Mr Carlaw has clearly been taking from the Prime Minister.

“Opponents of Scotland having the right to choose are so panicked they’re inventing all sorts of fresh barriers to put in the way of voters getting a say, such as wanting to rig the question and refuse a referendum until 9 out of 10 Scots are voting SNP.

“This is increasingly desperate and hardly the approach of those confident in the strength of their arguments. No wonder more and more Scots believe Scotland’s future is best served as an independent country.”

Sir John Curtice:

“There is a consistent pattern across all six poll readings of independence vote intentions published so far this year. On average, they put support for Yes (after leaving aside Don’t Knows) at 49%, four points up on the figure of 45% in polls conducted in the second half of last year…

“Seemingly becoming more difficult to sustain is the argument that Scotland does not want a second independence referendum anytime soon… A swing in favour of holding another referendum sooner rather than later is also recorded in a poll undertaken by Survation and published today by the Scotland in Union campaign.”

Assuming the same turnout as in 2016, this would require the SNP winning 87.83% of the vote at the next Holyrood election.

Former Tory Leader in Scotland Ruth Davidson previously said that “If the SNP puts in its manifesto that it has an intention to hold a second referendum, & if it wins an outright majority, I think it does have a mandate to hold one” and that “I have never said it should be denied…Constitutionally the UK Government shouldn't block it, no."


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